Luxe Ceramics is a Bangladesh-based company that specializes in the production and export of bone china dinnerware to Dubai. The company prides itself on its exceptional craftsmanship and dedication to providing a magnificent dining experience to its customers. With a focus on creating unique and high-quality pieces, Luxe Ceramics offers a wide range of dinnerware collections that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Their products are designed to elevate any dining occasion and provide customers with a luxurious and memorable experience.


Luxe Ceramics


November 22, 2022



01. –°hallenge

As a brand expert tasked with designing a logo and brand guideline for Luxe Ceramics. As a brand expert, I understand the importance of creating a strong brand presence that resonates with the target audience. To achieve this, I use the 5-step branding process model that includes the following phases: The brand discovery phase The brand research phase The brand design phase The brand style guide phase The brand implementation phase. To go through these 5 steps I had face challenges which are given bellow :

02. Solutions

Brand Discovery Phase:
As a brand expert tasked with designing a logo for Luxe Ceramics. I began the process with the brand discovery phase. During this phase, I discovered that multiple brands shared the same name and used golden colors in their branding to reflect luxury. Additionally, all of these brands were established prior to the company I was working with, which meant they had a pre-established brand image in the mind of the customer.

Brand Research Phase:
To differentiate Luxe Ceramics from the competition and avoid any brand positioning errors, I moved on to the brand research phase. I conducted research on the target audience, competitors, and industry trends to gain insights into what would make Luxe Ceramics stand out. Through this research, I identified that the craftsmanship and dining experience offered by the product were key differentiators and decided to focus on these factors in the brand design phase.

Brand Design Phase:
During the brand design phase, I created a new brand meaning that emphasized the surprising craftsmanship and magnificent experience of dining with Luxe Ceramics. I explored a variety of design concepts that could capture this essence, and eventually settled on a design that incorporated some common dinnerware shapes into the logo and used a full moon to symbolize the exceptional quality of the dinnerware.

Brand Discovery Phase
Brand Research Phase
Brand Style Guide Phase
Brand Implementation Phase

Brand Style Guide Phase:
In the brand style guide phase, I established the guidelines for how the brand should be presented visually and verbally. This included defining the brand’s color palette, typography, imagery, and tone of voice. The style guide ensures consistency across all touchpoints and helps to establish a strong brand identity. I carefully selected font pairings that would best represent the Luxe Ceramics brand. The goal of font pairing is to create contrast in a harmonious way, which is why I chose to use Cinzel, a sturdy and elegant serif font, for heading copy, and Work Sans are, a versatile and modern sans-serif font, for body copy. Cinzel was chosen for its representation of ancient histories of the Latin alphabet, while still maintaining a contemporary feel that reflects the brand’s dedication to craftsmanship and tradition. Meanwhile, Work Sans’ clean lines and geometric shapes align with the brand’s modern and sophisticated aesthetic.

Both Cinzel and Work Sans are Google fonts and also are optimized for on-screen usage and can also be used effectively in print. This versatility ensures consistency across all brand touchpoints and helps establish a strong and recognizable visual identity for Luxe Ceramics.

Luxe-Ceramics-Brand-Identity Design By Alif Meherab

Brand Implementation Phase:
Finally, in the brand implementation phase, I worked with Luxe Ceramics to execute the brand strategy across the website, packaging.
This included creating marketing materials that reflected the brand’s new identity, training employees on how to communicate the brand’s messaging, and ensuring that the brand was being presented consistently in website and print collateral.

03. Results

Through the 5-step process of branding, I was able to create a strong brand presence for Luxe Ceramics that emphasized its unique craftsmanship and dining experience, differentiating it from competitors and creating a strong connection with its target audience.