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In the digital era, social media is the lifeblood of marketing. But for those who truly grasp its workings, success begins with brand evaluation. It’s not just about what a brand sells but what it stands for. The brand’s position on the perception map and analysis of its features, benefits, and products are crucial.

However, facts and figures alone won’t engage an audience. To make content interesting, I transform features and benefits into stories. These narratives create a human connection, making the brand relatable.

By weaving these stories into my content schedule, I build a narrative thread that runs through my social media presence, ensuring my audience feels connected to the brand. Social media is dynamic, and I adapt my storytelling approach to keep my audience engaged.

In the end, social media is about speaking to the heart of your audience through storytelling and fostering a genuine connection.

main principles

Social Media Marketing Process

Brand Evaluation
  • Understand what the brand stands for, its core values, and identity.
  • Analyze its positioning on the perception map to determine the appropriate tone and language for engaging the audience.
Product Analysis and Storytelling
  • Dive deep into the brand's features, benefits, and products.
  • Identify what sets it apart from the competition and the problems it solves for customers using the Brand-Product Matrix.
  • Transform features and benefits into engaging narratives.
  • Craft stories that resonate with the audience, bringing them into the brand's world.
  • These stories can revolve around the brand's journey, its customers, or the people behind the scenes, adding a human touch for relatability.
Content Schedule
  • Recognize that social media is dynamic and ever-changing.
  • Continually adapt and refine the storytelling approach based on metrics and audience feedback.
Paid Advertising Strategies
  • To accelerate your growth, I offer paid social media advertising solutions. I design and manage ad campaigns that align with your goals and budget.
Analytics and Reporting
  • I explore collaborations with influencers and encourage user-generated content (UGC) to enhance authenticity and reach.
  • I'm prepared for any eventuality. My services include a crisis management plan, and I stay updated on legal and regulatory aspects to ensure compliance.
Regular Consultations
  • Recognize that social media is dynamic and ever-changing.
  • Continually adapt and refine the storytelling approach based on metrics and audience feedback.

In the research phase, brand evaluation plays a pivotal role. It involves a deep exploration to understand the brand's core values and identity, as well as an analysis of its positioning on the perception map. This evaluation enables the identification of the appropriate tone and language for effectively engaging the target audience.

The approach phase comprises the transformation of features and benefits into engaging narratives, focusing on storytelling. These narratives include stories about the brand's journey, its customers, and the individuals behind the scenes, thereby adding a relatable human touch to the brand.

In the result phase, two key aspects emerge. First, it involves crafting a structured content schedule by weaving compelling stories into a strategic plan across various social media platforms. The objective is to foster genuine audience connection, not just passive viewing.

Second, it highlights the imperative of ongoing adaptation and refinement, with metrics and audience feedback guiding the agile approach to maintain the brand's effectiveness in the ever-changing social media landscape.

my services

Social Media Page Maintenance Services

Effective social media management requires a well-coordinated approach that integrates these services to maintain a brand’s online presence, engage the audience, and achieve the brand’s marketing and business objectives. Maintaining a social media page for a brand involves a range of services to ensure a consistent and engaging online presence. The services I provide are as follows

Content Creation and Scheduling

Effective social media strategies start with creating engaging content and scheduling it strategically. This ensures your brand's message reaches the right audience at the right time, increasing visibility and interaction.

Creative Design and Copywriting

Crafting captivating visuals content, following brand guidelines, maintains a compelling and consistent brand identity. With persuasive brand-aligned copy, it powerfully conveys messages, leaving a lasting impact on the audience.

Manage and Monitoring Paid Ad

Harness the power of social media advertising by developing and managing paid campaigns. These campaigns broaden your reach, and careful monitoring and optimization maximize their impact and return on investment.

Reputation Management

Online reputation is crucial. Continuously monitor what people are saying about your brand and respond promptly to maintain a positive image. Addressing customer feedback and resolving issues helps build trust and credibility.

The essence of branding lies in the individuality. Each brand should have unique strategy, focus, and visual identity as the foundation for all marketing and branding.
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