Escalar Global Limited is a company that provides business and operational consulting, transaction diligence, and financial advisory services to clients in various industries, including aerospace, defense, security, technology, and government services sectors. The company specializes in providing innovative solutions to its clients to help them overcome their challenges and capture opportunities.


Escalar Global


January 7, 2023


U/UX and Web Development

Alif Meherab Logo design Escalar Global a global network of partners in Technology, Operations, Finance, Business Development, Service Support and Government.
01. –°hallenge
02. Solutions

During the brand discovery and research phase, I discovered that Escalar Global Ltd has “dual-purpose” technologies with applications in both commercial and military settings. The company works with clients to optimize their financial and social value through original and inventive structured finance solutions. Based on this information, I decided to create a brand identity for Escalar Global Ltd that conveys both strength & reliability as well as innovation, & global reach.

Brand Mark: To create the brand mark, I chose an eagle character in flight, carrying the Earth in its talons. The eagle is a symbol of strength, power, and freedom and is often associated with military and government institutions. The globe being carried by the eagle represents the company’s global reach and focus on defense and security.

Color Palette: I used a combination of blue, grey, and white colors. Blue is often associated with trust, security, and intelligence, while grey represents neutrality, sophistication, and stability. The color white, used for the eagle and text, represents purity, clarity, and simplicity.

Brand Messaging and Tone of Voice: The design language of Escalar Global Ltd emphasizes the company’s expertise and experience in defense and security technologies, as well as its focus on innovation and cutting-edge solutions. The company also places great importance on its commitment to quality and reliability, which are essential values in the defense industry.

03. Results

By adopting a consistent brand identity, color palette, and messaging, Escalar Global Ltd can strengthen its brand recognition and reputation in the industries it serves. The eagle brand mark conveys a sense of strength and power, while the blue and grey color palette conveys trust and stability, which is essential in the defense and security industries.

The brand messaging and tone of voice can help the company position itself as an innovative, forward-looking business that specializes in providing original and inventive solutions to its clients’ challenges. By emphasizing its commitment to quality and reliability, Escalar Global Ltd can build trust with its clients and differentiate itself from its competitors.